At Pearson Construction, we value client testimonials because they allow us to gauge the satisfaction of our clients and identify areas for improvement. They also provide insight into the values that drive our team, such as honesty, integrity, and a commitment to excellence. Client testimonials are an important part of our business and help to showcase the high level of professionalism and service that we aim to provide on every project.

As a Realtor, I have dealt with many builders throughout my 20 years in the business. I have used Brett Pearson for my own personal needs and also referred him to clients. He has consistently demonstrated the ability to do professional work with accurate estimates at a competitive price. Some of his greatest strengths are integrity, strong work ethic, ability to communicate and willingness to provide strong customer service. I would recommend working with Brett Pearson without hesitation.

Billy L.

We’ve worked with Pearson Construction for several years on various projects ranging from smaller ones like bathroom renovations to larger scale new construction. Brett always has great ideas and suggestions on how we can enhance or improve upon our plans. He is our first stop whenever we are planning something new. We’ve always found Pearson Construction to be honest in their quotes, flexible enough to accommodate our schedule, easy to work with, and reliable. They stand behind their work 100%. We have no hesitation in recommending them for whatever construction project you might undertake.

David & Dennis

I worked with Brett during spring of 2018 on a project at Glisson Camp and Retreat Center in Dahlonega. A tree had fallen and caused extensive damage to one of our cabins. Brett and crew cleaned up the mess and did an incredible job of rebuilding the entire front porch that had basically been torn off the building by the falling tree. Brett did a great job of putting things back together even better than they were originally, did the project on time, and came in under budget, too! I would work with Brett again and highly recommend him for any remodeling or new house construction project!

David S.

I would highly recommend Pearson Construction. I had my deck enclosed to extend the size of my living room. Since I live in an HOA community any changes have to be approved. Brett had to spend a lot of time to submit all the paperwork they required which I appreciated. He was very dependable, offered helpful suggestions, and did a super quality job in the time frame as discussed. I love having the extra indoor space knowing it was constructed so well.

Jan Y.

I have known Brett Pearson for about 16 of my 18 years in Real estate. Over the years he has built several homes for me. Not one time has he ever gone over the house budget and not one time have I ever had to question his integrity or commitment to the job. I trust Brett so much that when I would leave town I leave signed blank checks for him to use in the event he needs them while I was away. He has a great relationship with the Local planning office and they work well together which is very important in the building process. His building knowledge and ability to get the right sub-contractors far surpasses the average builder. There is no other builder I would use. If you are considering using Brett I would highly recommend him and if you have any questions you can get my number from him and call me.

Tony N.

I interviewed 3 well-respected contractors in the area before choosing Brett–& certainly made the right choice. Any contractor can put a house together from plans, but it is rare to find a contractor who has integrity, actually cares about the client, & has his breadth of knowledge about the process. Housebuilding is stressful under the best of circumstances, but I have been able to consistently rely on Brett to more than adequately address my concerns. Window placings & measurements are more critical in my design than in most, & he has graciously made sure all is correct. Errors are inevitable when framers take instruction, & Brett was speedy to correct an error they had made. I’ve been building or remodeling for 30 years, & not all contractors are approachable–much less amenable! He has a relaxed manner that is comforting during this process, & he is generous with time & attention. –Usually you see your contractor’s back, as he rushes toward ‘the next’! He has been genuinely cost conscious, & that has helped me enormously. He discusses, in detail, ways in which we might cut costs through method or materials, without compromising the integrity of the plans or the requirements of code. Thumbs up would be putting it mildly. I hope you will have the pleasure of working with him.

Willa K.